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Arctic Violet

1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater

1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater

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This infrared heating system can keep you warm and toasty no matter where you are or what season it is. This high-quality, highly-efficient portable device, which includes three of our quartz infrared elements and a remote control, will keep you warm for hours while saving you money on your heating expenses.  The heat will be adjusted to 86 degrees Fahrenheit in the savings mode. With its gliding casters, it's simple to transfer from room to room. This infrared quartz heater will provide you with plenty of warmth. Combustible materials such as furniture, cushions, bedding, documents, clothes, and curtains should be kept at least 3 feet (0.9m) away from the heater's front, sides, and back. 




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1500 W Electric Portable Remote Infrared Heater Features:

  • Highly Energy Efficient: Using this electric infrared heater, you will feel warm and cozy but don’t waste high cost. The practical portable device will enable you to enjoy a comfortable feeling while being surrounded by warm environment.

  • Clean Working Method: This infrared space heater uses electricity rather than chemical fuels or toxins to heat the entire room. It is so environmental friendly and clean. Besides, it is also without any smell and provide you a clean environment. Remote Control Design: It is convenient for you operate and adjust this electric infrared quartz space heater with remote control even though you are not close to it. And it has timing function.

  • Four Durable Wheels: With four long lasting wheels, this electric infrared space heater can be easily moved and carried to any place you want. They also offer strong support to the whole heater.

  • Safety Use: This electric infrared heater has overheated protection and falling prevention switch. The filter screen of the air inlet can filter air and ensure safety. The infrared heater is clean as well as environmental friendly and helps you save heating bills.


  • Color: Black

  • Voltage rating:120 v 60 HZ

  • Power for high mode: 1500 w

  • Power: variable to maintain 86°F

  • Unit weight: 18.1 lbs

  • Unit size:11" x 14" x 15.5"(W x D x H)

Package Includes:

1 x Infrared zone heating system

1 x Remote control

1 x Instruction

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